Divination «For 7 days of the week» on Tarot cards


Online fortune-telling for 7 days of the week on Tarot cards will give an extensive forecast for the upcoming seven-day period. You do not need to comprehend the basics of the ancient esoteric teachings of tarology. A free layout on 7 cards will provide an exhaustive prediction with a clear interpretation of sacred symbols. Each dropped card will represent a particular day. It will indicate probable dangers, allowing you to bypass unpleasant circumstances. He will tell about successful opportunities that will bring some benefit to the questioner.

We recommend preparing for fortune-telling: retire, free your mind, relax your body. Visualize the events of the near future, focusing on the most exciting aspects.

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Tarot cards have long won the trust of experienced soothsayers. For more than one century, the mystical deck has been solving the problems of mankind. True online fortune-telling will tell about 7 days of the week, affecting every area of being:

  • family, love, romance;
  • career, business, creativity;
  • health, emotional state;
  • finance, purchases, investments;
  • acquaintances, trips, events.

In order to correctly interpret the messages that have fallen out, connect your inner instinct and imagination. Key clues from otherworldly forces can be written down in a diary in order to use them in a timely manner.


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