Fortune telling on rose petals


Gentle and romantic online fortune-telling on rose petals will reveal the true feelings of a partner. Roses are considered a silent declaration of love, and their color says much more than the most sophisticated verses. Araya passion, white innocence or pink tenderness in a bouquet or a single flower will help to confess your love even to the most timid person. But if the relationship is just emerging, then it is worth asking the fate about the ways of their development.

Prediction by rose petals is very similar to a simple counting on daisies, known to many since childhood. Only now, not a single flower will suffer, a virtual image of a luxurious, tender, half-blown bud is used.

Задумайте персону, вопрос, нажмите на цветок и начинайте гадание.

Free online divination gives accurate and truthful results. Choosing a petal, the fortuneteller has to find out:

  • how deep the feelings are;
  • how the man plans to act in the near future;
  • what to expect from the new day;
  • what is the reason for the disagreement and how to restore trust and tenderness.

Some interpretations are quite extensive, others are laconic, but in a few words they convey the essence of the current situation. In many predictions, the way to solve the problem is also hidden. Divination is carried out at any time of the day and does not require special preparation. You just need to remember your loved one and choose a petal.


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